Bjørn Lind Stipend

Bjørn Lind guidelines

Bjørn Lind was the first anesthesiologist in Stavanger and a pioneer in the field of acute medicine both in Norway and internationally. This stipend was established in recognition of his work.

The stipend is earmarked for projects within educational research or patient safety in conjunction with the Stavanger Acute medicine Foundation for Education and Research (SAFER)

It may be applied for in two categories;

a) A Post-doctoral (PhD) stipend for salary and project expenses of up to NOK 1 mill per year for a period of up to three consecutive years.

b) A PhD stipend for salary expenses and project expenses of up to three years full time studies. The application should be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the planned PhD supervisor.

Application deadline is April 1 each year.

Submit knapp

Applicants should submit a project plan (maximum six pages) describing the overall research objectives, relevant theory and methods, and preliminary planned scientific papers. The plan shall further encompass a literature overview and demonstrate how the proposed research will add to the body of knowledge in the area.

An award of a PhD stipend will be conditional upon the applicant being accepted into an approved PhD program within six months and the project fitting in with the activities at SAFER. The award will be transferred for covering the budget for 12 months at a time, and consecutive transfers being conditional upon satisfactory annual progress reports.

About Bjorn Lind

Recipients of Bjorn Lind fellowship

By submitting an application for the Bjørn Lind stipend, you provide your personal data to the Laerdal Foundation.  We collect and process your personal data solely for the purpose of reviewing, granting/declining and archiving your application.

We rely on legitimate interests as the lawful basis for doing this. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose than described above.  The personal information we collect is mainly name, contact information and academic achievements.  We do not process any sensitive personal information as part of this. Except for publishing a list of granted applications in the public domain, we do not share your personal information with anyone outside the Laerdal Foundation. Your personal information will not be kept for longer than necessary.

Please reach out to if you have any questions related to privacy or data protection with the Laerdal Foundation.