Program Support

Program support may be applied for up to NOK 1.2 mill (USD 150.000) for each of three consecutive years for programs that support the Foundation strategy.

Potential applicants for program support should first submit a concept description for consideration by the Board outlining how the proposed program may be of practical value within the defined scope of the Foundation (maximum 6 pages). The concept description should be submitted by the head of the research group in question and accompanied by the CV and a list of the last three years of publications for this person.

The Board will make a preliminary consideration of the relevance and practical importance of the outlined program. If approved in principle, the applicant will be invited to submit a complete Application (maximum 16 pages + relevant attachments).

Application deadline is 1 April
A reply with feedback and outcome should normally be expected within eight weeks from the application deadline.

Previous grants in this category include: