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The Laerdal Foundation focuses on practically oriented research.

“The Chain of Survival” and “The Utstein Formula for Survival” have been established as  metaphors for understanding system factors that impact the chances of survival. The Foundation Board wishes to contribute to a continued documentation and validation on how these concepts may reflect current medical, educational and implementation science.

CoS     Utst-Formula

Over the last decade it has become apparent that there, in particular, is a need for improved understanding of  factors contributing to educational efficiency and the process of implementing scientific evidence into practice.

The Formula for Survival in Resuscitation paper

Supported Projects 2014 – 2021

Formal requirements for Applications of Project support

Types of expenses for which coverage may be applied; Only necessary expenditures expected to fall due within a period of 12 months from the start of the project may be covered. For a project that has received a first year grant, a renewed application may be submitted for a second year grant at the earliest 12 months after a received grant. Information must be given if the applicant is applying simultaneously for support of the project from other foundations or institutions. In order to be able to support as many as possible of the many qualified applications, the Board has decided that, as a rule, no single project shall receive more than NOK 250,000,- (equals about USD 30,000,- as of December 2020). If the total expenses for one project should exceed that amount, the Board will also include in its consideration other possible sources of financial support. Expenses for equipment and secretarial services will not be covered by the Foundation to the extent that such resources are believed to be available from the institution where the applicant is planning to carry out the project.

It should be indicated in the application whether the applicant has previously received support from the Laerdal Foundation for another project. In such cases, the Board will attach importance to the Report submitted by the applicant on that previous occasion.

Reporting: Recipients of grants from the Foundation are required to submit a brief written report to the Board about the progress, findings, total expenditure and specific use of the grant from the Foundation within a year after receipt of the grant, and also always in connection with an application for renewed support.

Application deadline 1 April and 1 October every year.  Applications should be submitted through our Application Platform – see link below.

A reply with feedback and outcome of the application should normally be expected within eight weeks from the application deadline.

Submit knapp

By submitting an application you provide your personal data to the Laerdal Foundation.  We collect and process your personal data solely for the purpose of reviewing, granting/declining and archiving your application.

We rely on legitimate interests as the lawful basis for doing this. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose than described above.  The personal information we collect is mainly name, contact information and academic achievements.  We do not process any sensitive personal information as part of this. Except for publishing a list of granted applications in the public domain, we do not share your personal information with anyone outside the Laerdal Foundation. Your personal information will not be kept for longer than necessary.

Please reach out to if you have any questions related to privacy or data protection with the Laerdal Foundation.