Note: This category is about to be replaced by program support. The Board expects further center support grants to be by exception only.

The purpose of Center Support has been to help fund centers of excellence with a research plan of particular relevance for ILCOR (the International Liaison Committee of Resuscitation)s ongoing review process of the science underlying the guidelines – with emphasis of education and implementation research. ILCOR guidelines also address emergency care of newborn and children, efficiency of education and implementation, team work and first aid.

Center support has been granted with an amount of $150,000 for each of three consecutive years. Potential applicants in this category should first submit a concept description of max five pages outlining how the proposed program may be of practical value within the defined scope of the Foundation. This concept note should be submitted by the head of the research group in question and be accompanied by the CV and a list of publications of the last three years by this person.

The Board will make a preliminary consideration of the relevance and practical importance of the outlined program. If approved in principle, the applicant will be invited to submit a complete application (max 12 pages + relevant attachments)

A criteria for Center Support is that the university or institution seeking Center Support  is willing to allocate matching funding to the Foundation Support on top of the support the research group os already receiving , and the institution will forego any institutional overhead charges to the Center Support.

Application deadline is April 1 each year. All applications must be submitted on the Foundation’s application platform.

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A list of previous grants in this category can be seen here.

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