How do I apply ?

Complete this Application Form, and make sure you follow the guidance  on the form. The form should be submitted within the deadline, and be electronically signed.

When is the Application deadline?

For Project grants and Saving Lives at Birth programs,  application deadline is 1 April and 1 October each year.  For Center Support, Program Support and the Bjørn Lind stipend, application deadline is 1 April each year.

Should the Application be submitted electronically or as a paper copy?

The completed 4 page Application Form must be submitted electronically. Paper copies are not required. Additional information should also preferably be submitted in an electronic format, but may alternatively be sent in hard copy if more practical to applicant.

Does the Application have to be written in English?

The Board prefers applications to be written in English. However, applications in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish will also be accepted.

Which costs are covered by a grant?  Indirect cost/salary/infringement cost?

The Foundation will only cover costs directly related to the project. General institutional overhead costs will not be covered. It is important that all costs that can be covered from other sources, as well as applications submitted to other possible funding agencies, be specified on the application form.

If the total Budget exceeds the amount limit for awards from the Foundation it is important that the application includes a description on how the remaining costs will be covered.

What is not fundable by the Foundation?

In general, any Project that is not addressing the description of Strategy 2020. Moreover; applications that

  • lack a clear hypothesis and a well considered methodology
  • bring nothing new
  • are of local interest only
  • are considered to be ethically questionable
  • relate to a commercial initiative
  • are received from a PI/Group that has received another grant (incl Center of Excellence or Program grants) within the previous 12 month periode
  • lacking reports on previously received grants to the same applicant
  • are considered to have a very unrealistic budget, or little chances of getting required additional funding from other sources

Which currency can I use in the Application?

Your budget should be specified in USD, Euro or a Scandinavian currency. It is important for all applicants to identify which currency is used in their application.

The information and description of my project does not fit into the 4 page application form. What do I do?

The Board typically receives over 100 applications per year. For practical reasons it is therefore required that your project is described as accurately and precisely as possible in the application form. If you have additional, important information this can be sent as attachments to the application form. However, we ask that additional information is kept to a minimum.

When can I expect feedback to my application?

All applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail once an Application has been received at the Foundation office. This confirmation e-mail will give an indication of when results can be expected. Results and feedback from the foundation board evaluation will usually be available 6-8 weeks after the application deadline. All information to applicants will be communicated to the e-mail address submitted by the applicant.

Where and how do I submit my Application?

A signed an scanned copy of your application (including any attachments) should be sent to the Foundation e-mail address: post@laerdalfoundation.org
Supporting documents may alternatively be sent via post to:

Laerdal Foundation
P.O. Box 556, Sentrum
4003 Stavanger

For any other queries or clarifications, please contact: post@laerdalfoundation.org