Program support may be applied for up to USD 150,000 (currently NOK 1,5 mill) for each of three consecutive years for programs that supports the Foundation’s strategy. Such applications may also be invited.

Potential applicants in this category should submit a concept description of max 6 pages, outlining how the proposed program may be of practical value within the defined scope of the Foundation.  A concept note should be submitted by the head of the research group in question and be accompanied by the CV and a list of publications of the last three years by this person. Secured or applied for matching funding from other sources would support the possibilities of funding form the Foundation.

The Board will review the concept proposal and consider the relevance and practical importance of the program based on the provided information.  Should the concept proposal be considered of high interest for funding, the board may revert to the applicant for further details, if required.  If not, funding can be granted based on the information in the concept proposal.

Concept proposals should be submitted through our application platform within the application deadline of 1st April each year.

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A list of previous grants in this category can be seen here.

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