In this category the Foundation is funding practically oriented research projects within its stated 2025 strategy. Applications that relate to factors 2 and 3 of the Utstein Formula for Survival – improved efficiency of education or implementation are particularly welcome.

Project support is granted for amounts up to NOK 400,000 (USD 50,000) for expenditures expected to fall due within a period of 12-18 months from the start of the project. The Board will carefully consider the realism of the presented budget, and whether this contains items that the Foundation according to this information is not funding. If the total expenses for the project should exceed that amount, the application should also contain information on the  likelihood that the project can be carried out with required additional funding from other sources. Institutional overhead cost related to the project may be covered up to 10%.

A renewed application may be submitted for a second year grant at the earliest 12 months after a received grant.

If an institution considers to submit applications from several applicants, the institution should prioritise the projects before submission.

Application deadlines are  April 1 and October 1 each year. All applications must be submitted on the Foundation’s application platform.

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A list of previous grants in this category can be seen here.

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