The Laerdal Foundation was established in 1980 in collaboration with the University of Oslo to provide financial support to practically oriented research projects that can help prevent needless deaths  from sudden cardiac arrest, trauma, and during birth. The Board will prioritize applications in the focus areas defined in its strategy, that are considered to  have a high potential to improve patient outcomes. The Board further believes there is particular opportunity for helping save lives at birth in low-resource settings and have therefore earmarked 50% of the grants to the category Saving Lives at Birth in Low-Resource Settings. The Foundation shares the mission with the Laerdal company of helping save lives but operates independently from the Laerdal companies under the regulation of the Norwegian Foundation’s Act.


As of Dec 31 2021 the Foundation’s capital amounts to about NOK 450 mill. Since its establishment in 1980, the Foundation has funded nearly 2,000 applications with a total amount of NOK 440 mill (USD 44 mill). At the same time the Foundation has continued to receive donations from the Laerdal family and Laerdal Medical.

Asmund S. Laerdal, founder of the Foundation

About the founder of the Foundation, Åsmund S Laerdal

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