Strategy 2020

We believe that more efficient education and better implementation of what is already known represent particular opportunities for improving patient outcomes. The Foundation will therefore  welcome applications within the following areas of interest:

  •        Better reporting of data, as basis for improved care: Utstein Formula for Survival
  •        Promising hypothesis relating to updating of ILCOR guidelines for Emergency Cardiac Care and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  •        International/multicenter collaborations for improved education
  •        Implementation of the Global  Resuscitation Alliance
  •        Projects at or in collaboration with the SAFER simulation center in Stavanger

The Foundation will furthermore focus on projects and programs for saving lives of newborn and mothers during and immediately after delivery in low resource settings.

The Board expects to allocate annual appropriations of over NOK 30 mill in 2016-2020  approximately as follows

  • 50% for projects in developing countries (mainly through program support)
  • 20% for program support with international collaboration in developed countries
  •  15 % for research projects
  •  15% for other purposes (incl. Bjørn Lind fellowships long-term commitments to support professorships etc).

Matching funds: Applications for Center support and major grants in developing countries will have an increased chance of being funded by the Laerdal Foundation when matching funding can be obtained from other sources.