STRATEGY 2022-25

The Board has defined the following focus areas in the strategy for 2022-25:

  • Saving lives at birth
  • Better reporting of data, as basis for improved care: Utstein Formula for Survival
  • Promising hypothesis relating to updating of ILCOR guidelines for Emergency Cardiac Care and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • International/multicenter collaborations for improved education and implementation
  • Implementation of the Global Resuscitation Alliance
  • Projects at or in collaboration with SAFER simulation center in Stavanger

The Foundation will grant up till NOK 40 mill per year in five categories:

  • Saving Lives at birth in low-resource settings
  • Program support
  • Project support
  • Bjørn Lind stipends
  • Center support (being phased out)

The total grants are expected to be split as follows:

  • 50 % for projects in low-resource countries (mainly through program support)
  • 20 % for program support with international collaboration in high- and medium income countries
  • 15 % for research projects
  • 15 % for other purposes (incl. Bjørn Lind fellowships long-term commitments to support professorships etc.)

For more information on what the Foundation funds and do not fund, see here

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