What we fund

The Foundation in particular welcomes applications that can advance treatment recommendations, education or implementation within:

  • Resuscitation
  • Trauma
  • Maternal and/or newborn care

50 % is earmarked for projects or programs to save lives at birth in low-resource settings.

We are also funding education research projects at, or in collaboration with the SAFER simulation center in Stavanger.

Factors that can strengthen the chances of funding:

  • High impact, including potential for scaling
  • Synergies with other programs the Foundation is supporting
  • Matching funding/multicenter collaborations
  • Strong CV of principal investigator and mentor

What we do not fund

Applications with one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. No novelty – done before
  2. No hypothesis or weak methodology
  3. Ethically unacceptable or strongly questionable
  4. Only of local interest
  5. Relates solely to acquisition of equipment
  6. Building of hospitals or health centers
  7. Commercial interests
  8. Applications considered to have unrealistic budgets
  9. Congress participation, traveling support
  10. Vaccination, contamination microbiology

Relating to Saving Lives At Birth in low-resource settings:

  • Projects outside perinatal and newborn period
  • Lifestyle or general maternal diseases during pregnancy
  • General family planning programs

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